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Top Furniture Trends of 2020

It is no secret that your home or office can greatly transform by decorating with beautifully designed furniture. The market is filled with different designs for bestselling home furniture, and bestselling office furniture, alike. Whether you opt for a customized approach, or keep it simple by choosing time-honored favorites, the design aesthetic of your home greatly depends on your choice of furniture. Since 2020 is underway, there are numerous trends to follow these days, and companies like Atlas and Hill are offering their customers various designs that resonate with the latest trends.

Let us look at some of the latest trends happening in 2020.

  • Nature-Friendly Furniture

One of the bestselling home furniture trends for 2020 is a sustainable and nature-friendly combination. Look for reclaimed or sustainably grown material in the form of wood, rattan, bamboo or recycled material for a good finish as well as being earth-friendly.

These bestselling office furniture pieces are also helpful in keeping an office space calm and cool with all the soothing effects of nature-friendly materials.

  • Vintage Galore

There is a reason vintage furniture has been popular for such a long while. It has a unique look and embraces the past, as well. Designers these days reinvent the classics that were famous in their times with a touch of modernity to give a fresh vintage look. Designers at Atlas and Hill have ready-made vintage designs that can be purchased according to the buyer’s preference and requirements, to give their home a modern yet vintage look.

  • Upholstered Beds

Another bestselling home furniture trend is to have upholstered beds to turn up the ambiance of your bedrooms. This classic look has been popular since 2019. If you have a liking for classic linen, colorful velvet or leather, these designs will bring a flare to your sleeping space. You can check for more details and quality designs by visiting Atlas and Hill.

  • Bold Colors and Textures

While light colors are usually preferred in home décor, bold colors and textures are quickly becoming the new look for bestselling office furniture. The year 2020 can expect to see a combination of bold colors with contrasting designs to create a playful workspace. Many designers have shifted from traditional office aesthetics, broken boundaries and created challenging pieces of art. Inspirational office spaces are being formed by using a combination of furniture with prints and wallpapers to encourage creativity and productivity.

  • Made-To-Order Pieces

Made-to-order pieces are becoming more popular in the furniture industry and replacing the ready-made furniture. People are leaning towards home furniture in which all pieces are customized according to their preference, and also other pieces available in separate or in sets.

The made-to-order trend is also reflected in the bestselling office furniture these days, and companies like Atlas and Hill are having their hands full with such orders. Many artists and designers have taken advantage of this situation to make quality furniture pieces for their customers. This trend is going strong, and it looks like there is no stopping it for quite some time to come.

  • Jungle Pattern Furniture

Another best-selling home furniture trend is furniture with wild jungle patterns. Mixing it with pieces like cabinets and chairs adds an intriguing look without taking too much space. Differently accented chairs, Venya safari ottomans and jungle credenza all make for a wonderful combination of jungle-themed furniture. These will look great, if they are made-to- order catering to the buyer’s sense of style.